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Tuesday, 30 July 2019

MPL App paytm cash play and win

* Download Mobile Premier League (MPL), India’s biggest mobile gaming platform.
 * Play your favourite skill-based mobile games like Fruit Chop, Pro Cricket, Monster Truck, Bubble Shooter, Space Breaker and win real cash. 
 * You can then easily transfer your winnings through PayTM or UPI. 

MPL mod apk work only new number

Mpl Mod apk 

 🏏SuperTeam - Play Fantasy Cricket and Win Real Cash Daily. Create your SuperTeam on MPL and win money. 
🎲Ludo - The modern version of the royal game of Pachisi. Roll the dice and move your tokens to reach the centre of the Ludo board. 
 🔴Carrom - Relive your childhood memories, now play Carrom by potting all your pieces before your opponent! 
🎱Pool - Rack ‘em up and get ready to prove your skills against other players at a game of 8-ball. Will you be able to masterfully direct the cue ball like a professional? 
 🌏Planet Chaos - Can you survive the wrath of Planet Chaos? Carefully navigate your rover through deep craters and dangerous meteor strikes. 
🍉Fruit Chop - A Fruit swipe style arcade game in which you swipe on your screen to cut bouncing fruits while avoiding occasional bombs.

 🏏Pro-Cricket - Smash the bowlers around the park, score highest by timing your hits perfectly 
⚽Football Stars (new) - To all the Football fans out there, here is your chance to shine! Score more goals and win more! 
☄️Run Out - This game tests the abilities of true cricket players and fans! Throw the ball at the stumps and get the batsman run out. Make sure you hit the wickets before he gets into the crease. 
👽Flipster - Flip and jump through devious obstacles blocking your path at every step of the way. How far can you get? 
🏃Runner No.1 - An infinite running game where you try to outsmart obstacles and outrun a hungry bear.
🔪Fruit Dart - Throw the knives to slash fruits, collect power-ups to unlock new knives and power-ups.
 🐰Maze Up - Choose the right cubes to jump on and climb your way to the top. 
 🚘Monster Truck - A racing game in which the challenge is to perform stunts to score points without destroying the car. 
 🔮Bubble Shooter - Shoot and match similar bubbles to clear them and earn points. 
🚀Space Breaker - An addictive arcade game where you break through brick mazes by launching a ball at them.